Tell me about your Asian/Asian Am Digital/DH work!

If you’ve read some of my previous posts or have seen me speak recently, you’re probably familiar with some of my current work in bridging Asian Studies with Asian American Studies, and between the ethnic and area studies with new media studies and the digital humanities. I know that there’s a lot of amazing work being done in these areas that are not yet on my radar–both established projects and fledgling ones–and I’d like to collate some of these projects and produce some resources for other scholars and community members who may also be working at these intersections.

Of course, I should say that my definitions of “Asia” and “Asian America” are rather expansive, as we take into account larger histories of colonialism, imperialism, and now globalization and neoliberalism, which change the geographies and scales by which we define “Asia” and “America.”

Things that you might be interested in sharing may include archives, digital edited collections, mapping and GIS projects, electronic literature, films projects, blogs, etc… I want to hear about all the things!

Please spread the word, and share links and information in the comments below or add them to the collective #transformDH Google Doc. In the meantime, I will be working to produce something to exhibit these.

–Update: Oct. 21, 2013–

I’ve gotten a lot of RTs on Twitter and wanted to archive some of the tweeted responses. Thanks to all of those who retweeted, shared, and commented!

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