Summer/Fall 2010

It’s been a bit (ok… it’s been a long while) since my last update, but there are suddenly a lot of things keeping me incredibly busy…

First off, and probably most importantly, I’m trying to solidify my primary texts for my dissertation prospectus, and eventually my secondary and theoretical texts. Cannot express how invaluable the guidance of my unbelievable my dissertation chair, Bishnupriya Ghosh, has been. Through this process, I’ve come across a multitude of possible texts from the various sites I want to examine (Los Angeles, Dubai, and Ho Chi Minh City), which have gotten me quite excited. Sadly, as I’m now learning, this age of networked technologies and media/population/currency/information flows is not as free and permeable as it seems idealistically. Turns out the direction of movement and the types of things that travel are quite limited and they are conspiring to keep certain texts just out of my reach.

At the same time, I’m finishing my first gig as a TA at UCSB. I’ve been really lucky to be on fellowship for two years, so jumping into this class has been quite the experience. The pace of this six-week course is break-neck and I only wish there was more time to spend on this literature and getting to work with these students. Alas!

I’m also working on revising and obtaining image permissions for a co-edited chapter with my frolleague Caroline Hong (Queens College, CUNY) on teaching Asian American graphic narratives. This is my first time doing this, so *fingers crossed* everything will go smoothly.

Finally, I’m still one of the project coordinators for the Transliteracies Project, and am researching new grant opportunities for our RoSE Project.

Alright, I think I’ve covered most everything. I think. More interesting research and such to follow. (Hopefully!)

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