MLA, Risk, Pop Culture (An Update)

This post is coming much too late, especially at the speed that scholarship is being produced in Digital Humanities, but this should serve as a belated update on my activities since ASA, which was many, many months ago. Alas, this is a poor excuse, but the madness of returning to teaching, writing, coordinating, and job candidate visits (8 total at UCSB) days after MLA has proven to be quite the struggle. I can only be thankful that I’m not yet on the job market.

That said, the long term prep leading up the the job market (which will be a little while yet, for myself at least) is in full swing. As any graduate student or academic attending and listening in on talks at MLA and elsewhere about the crisis of academic employment knows, professionalization has to start early. So here I am (or there I was). I presented a paper at MLA, on the “New Media, Old Labor” panel, about labor as subject, object, and process in Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph’s “networked novel” Flight Paths and the Voces Moviles blog out of LA. I am still working on this paper, which will hopefully be expanded for publication. I’ll post some slides and excerpts from the talk soon. I received great feedback, and had many friends in the audience, but as my co-panelist (who has seen my present in various venues before) stated, “I’ve never seen you so nervous before.”

I’m currently co-teaching a course with my advisor, Bishnupriya Ghosh on “Risk Society,” which is an absolute pleasure, and absolutely terrifying. Then again, how can a course on risk, speculation, waste, accidents, and pandemics not be?

Next quarter, I’ll be teaching Asian American popular culture. I’m currently working on the syllabus now, and it will be posted under “Courses.”

A more substantial, research-oriented post to follow soon. Most likely after my first chapter on Dubai is submitted to my committee. Wish my luck!

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