A Brief History of Hacking, Hacktivism, and Hashtag Activism

Anonymous protests Church of Scientology, one holds sign reading "Don't Worry we're from the Internet"

Below is a timeline chronicling the history of hacktivism and hashtag activism for Andrea Rehn and Bill Kronholm’s Just Hacking Class. I made the timeline with TimelineJS, by Knight Lab, which is a great, easy-to-use tool!

This timeline was built if a bit of a rush, so if I’m missing important events, dates, citations, etc. please feel free to let me know!



  1. Hi there, I am currently working on a project on Hacktivism and am collecting information to put into my wordpress site. I have been looking for a solid collection of historical references to create a brief history timeline and I am truly amazed by how great yours is. I was wondering if there was any way that I could get your timeline? I would of course give you all the credit for it and have a link to your site.

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