Academic year update: 2013-2014

Can't talk now, got stuff to do.

Holy cow, it’s been a busy year. So busy, I’ve neglected this blog for over six months. Whoops…

Of all the things to happen this year, perhaps the most momentous was the fact that I started a job. Yes! I started a new job and was so busy I forgot to announce it on my blog. I finished a year as a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in transnational studies, and the next month I started as the Digital Scholar of Whittier College’s Digital Liberal Arts Center (aka DigLibArts). I started in July and have been hard at work revamping the website, reaching out to faculty, presenting at conferences, holding workshops, hiring student workers, planning events… The list goes on.

It’s been quite the change moving from a massive state university to a small liberal arts college, but the change has been a really pleasant one, and I’m especially happy to be at a Hispanic serving institution and to be working closely with librarians and instructional technologists. Seriously, I’ve got the best colleagues ever. I won’t be teaching again until next year, but in the meantime I’m working with faculty on their own digital assignment, and I’m getting our digital collaboratory off the ground. Exciting stuff!

I’ve got a lot planned for the coming months, starting with some great events on campus, including a visit by Howard Rheingold, and a faculty mixer we’re calling the “High-tech Happy Hour” to inaugurate our now collaboratory space. In November I’ll be participating on two panels that I organized. The first will be at the American Studies Association in Los Angeles, where I’ll be on a roundtable on innovative strategies to teach Los Angeles. I’ll discuss my use of Scalar for digital publishing in an ethnic studies class. In particular, I’ll be talking about my “Ethnic Los Angeles,” which was maybe one of my favorite teaching experiences so far. I’ve also got some articles in the works about that experience. The week after that, I’ll be moderating a panel at the National Women’s Association in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Transgression, Gender Disturbance and Feminist Sci-Fi Futures, which should be amazing. Then in January I’ll be presenting at the MLA on a panel about Narrating Global South Cities, where I’ll present on Ho Chi Minh City in digital, cinematic, and print advertising media.

Reach out if you’ll be at the above conferences! I’d love to meet up.

In the meantime…

Can't talk now, got stuff to do.

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