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Upcoming Talk: ASA 2013, “Voces Móviles and the Precarity of Work and Play in Online/Offline Spaces”

Next weekend I’ll be in Washington, D.C. for the annual meeting of the American Studies Association. One of my favorite conferences, this year I’m especially excited, since I’ll be on a kick-ass panel of digital media scholars, including Daniel Greene, Laura Portwood-Stacer, Lisa Nakamura, and Tara McPherson will be responding. Our panel, Session # 307, “Identity …


Spring Quarter: Ready. Set. Go!

I’m not even through the first week of Spring Quarter and I’m already slightly worn out! These first few weeks will be heavily loaded with the writing and presentation of my first prospectus draft, syllabus planning for summer session, and participation in the department’s long awaited website-redesign. But it should be a little bit more …