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Feminist Anti-racist Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at Pratt Institute

Updated to include additional links and acknowledgements (thanks, Siân and @bigxphilly!).

Back in October, I had the pleasure of hosting a Feminist Anti-racist Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at Pratt Institute at the invitation of Minh-Ha Pham (Media Studies) and Holly Wilson (Library) for a graduate-level class. 

I’m sharing my slides below, sadly without much context, but hopefully much of it can be inferred based on the context. All of the citations and references are linked from the slides. The tutorial was hands-on, and led in-person, so I don’t have slides for that, BUT WikiEdu has a host of helpful interactive tutorials (and a hand dashboard for faculty)! Check these out HEREBunny McKensie Mack has also been instrumental in developing the trainings and presentations for Art+Feminism.  

Many thanks to Siân Evans and Bunny McKensie Mack and the folx at Art+Feminism for building an amazing community of intersectional feminist Wikipedia editors, and supporting the training and education of librarians and teachers in this work! Thanks to Meghan Sitar for so enthusiastically supporting this work at the University of Michigan Library. And lastly, thanks to my FemTechNet sistren Alex Agloro, from whom I stole many of these GIFs. And, of course, to Adrienne Wadewitz who trained so many of us feminist academic editors, and who is missed everyday.  

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