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Mellon Mays Website Building/Reading Workshop

For this exercise, in small groups, I want you to pick two of the following professional websites and examine them for the production and curation of professional academic identity.

Matthew K. Gold

Amanda Phillips

Ann M. Little

Miriam Posner

Jessica Marie Johnson

Lisa Nakamura

Kim Knight

Questions to consider:

  1. How is the individual identifying him/her/their self?
  2. How are research interests, political ideology, discipline and field represented in the design and organization of the site?
  3. How is the site organized? What does the organizational structure say about the academic?
  4. What type of content is shared? What does that say about the scholar?
  5. In terms of design, how do layout, font, color palettes, etc. reinforce the identity (research, institution, field, gender, etc.) of the academic?

Then, scan all of the sites (and others you may be familiar with) and consider the following:

  1. What are the minimal elements that appear across these different sites? What do you want on your site to reflect you as a scholar, activist, educator, community member, etc.?