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First Quals Success (more or less)!

After months of reading, and studying, and cramming, my first qualifying exams are behind me! Woohoo! Here in our program it’s an oral exam in three specific reading lists. My lists were: U.S. Race and Ethnicity Literatures, Theories of Gender and Sexuality, and Literature and Theory of Technology. The exam was not nearly as horrifying as I had built it up in my head, and was actually quite enjoyable. I did make a few egregious blunders, but I was able to correct myself and in the end I passed! I really wouldn’t have bee able to do it without the help of my dear, dear study buddy Amanda, who helped me wade through all that dense theory (my worst subject, ever). And to my mock examiners and friends who helped me review and go over material. It really was a group effort, and it really makes me appreciate the collegial nature of our department.

Now to unwind before I take off for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in Victoria, British Columbia for a week, followed by some CouchSurfing in Vancouver and Seattle. Can’t wait!

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