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Back in the USA

Apologies for the silence. My short time in Vietnam has come to an end and I’ve now been back in the US for about a month. That month has been incredibly busy, as I’ve locked myself away writing my last chapters. I’m now drafting my introduction and hoping to get that out with enough time to revise the entire project. In there somewhere, I squeezed in a trip to Ithaca, NY to see my advisor in , and am now starting to receive feedback from committee members as I scramble to finish in time to file in mid June. It’s gonna happen!

Ultimately, the trip was productive and meaningful. I think the most important things to come out of the trip are some new connections with important artists and institutions in Vietnam. My particular thanks go to incredibly helpful and welcoming people at  Sàn Art and Galerie Quynh, who introduced me to a host of amazing artists and critics.

Now, off to finish this beast!

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