Umeå (Intro)

This will just be an introductory post, as I want to take the time to write a proper reflection of Media Places 2012 at HumLab following the trip. It’s been an excellent, thought provoking conference so far, and I have no doubts that it will continue in that path over the next couple of days. It’s intense, and the atmosphere (excepting for one instance) has been collegial and productive. The quality of the presentations has been pretty stellar, which is not at all surprising considering the line-up includes Tara McPherson, Johanna Drucker, Shannon Mattern, Kim Knight, and others. And it’s only been one day! I’m incredibly impressed by HumLab as a space and a community, and have enjoyed meeting the scholars here, and the representatives of the Wallenberg Foundation who have come to participate and observe, despite their self described ignorance in the field.

Sweden itself has been a pleasure (though the exchange rate for Americans is rough!), and I’m incredibly appreciative of the generosity of Patrik Svensson and the Wallenberg foundation for giving me the opportunity to come and be a part of this lively intellectual community. I’ve been most active on the back-channels (Twitter, one-on-one conversations, and blogs-to-come), and am absorbing lots to think about.

Aside from that, this SoCal girl is surviving the cold, which is perfectly bearable if dressed properly.

Some pictures so far to whet your appetite…

What greeted me in Stockholm upon arrival at the airport:


Night time street scene from a short walk in Umeå. Quite different from the images of bikes at UCSB.


Same street from a wider view.


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