Spring Quarter: Ready. Set. Go!

I’m not even through the first week of Spring Quarter and I’m already slightly worn out! These first few weeks will be heavily loaded with the writing and presentation of my first prospectus draft, syllabus planning for summer session, and participation in the department’s long awaited website-redesign. But it should be a little bit more manageable afterward… I hope.

Then again, I’m enrolled in a Chicano Studies grad seminar on globalization and immigration, and will be trying to get more involved with the VozMob Media Project down in LA, which I am super excited about.

Part of this excitement, without a doubt, stems from the community of digital humanities scholars and media activists that I’ve slowly (though much more quickly in recent months) become connected to through in-person meetings like ThatCampSoCal and through online social networks like twitter, through which I connected with Sasha Costanza-Chock (via DML tweets), who just happened to be involved with VozMob, which I’d been looking at as a possible¬† object of study. I am indeed marveling at the network of digital scholars that materializes in my developing horizons. =)

Now off I go. Wee!

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