CFP: “States of Southeast Asian American Studies”

The following CFP arrived in my inbox today from Cathy J. Schlund-Vials at the University of Connecticut for the Southeast Asians in Diaspora Conference. Sounds like it’ll be a great conference!

We are currently soliciting conference abstracts (250-500 words) for the fourth tri-annual Southeast Asians in the Diaspora conference, which is scheduled to take place on October 2-3, 2014 at the University of Minnesota. What follows is a brief conference description:

Suggestive of shifting politics and conditions, this conference considers the now established field of Southeast Asian American studies. As a research site, South-east Asian American studies encompasses multiple sociopolitical formations that intersect with war, immigration, race and identity. At the same time, the conditions that “brought the field into being” have shifted in light of scholarship in social sciences, education, the humanities, and cultural studies.  Last, but certainly not least, the notion of “stating” where the field is and why it remains relevant – in terms of emergent scholarship and interdisciplinary engagement – foregrounds this conference, which considers the past, present, and future of Southeast Asian American Studies.

The conference organizers are seeking abstracts that represent a variety of fields (social sciences, education, cultural studies, and humanities) and multiple sites (in Filipino/a American Studies, Vietnamese American Studies, Laotian American Studies, Hmong Studies, Cambodian American Studies, Thai American Studies, and diasporic Southeast Asian Studies).

The deadline for submitting an abstract is December 1, 2013. Please submit abstracts (for both panels and individual papers) and direct questions to the following email address: SEADconference2014@gmail.com

Individual / Session Submissions

Individual paper abstracts (250 words) and session proposals (500 words) should provide reviewers with a clear understanding of the following:

1) The objectives of the paper/session

2) Perspectives or Conceptual Framework

3) Evidence and findings for the arguments and point of view

4) Significance of the work to the field and community

Along with the abstract, please include updated CVs (maximum two pages) and institutional affiliations (for participants).

Poster Submissions

In addition to panels and roundtables, poster sessions will take place over the course of the conference. Those interested in proposing a poster session should include the following information in their submission materials:

  • Poster Title
  • Subject Area
  • Keywords
  • Abstract describing the poster (50 words maximum)
  • Supporting summary (250 words maximum, plain-text format)
  • Presenter and Co-Author Information:
  • First author should be listed first (even if first author is not attending the convention)
  • University or business affiliation and e-mail address must be included for all presenters/co-authors
  • Maximum of 15 presenters/co-authors may be included.

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