Beginning of Summer Update

I passed my second exam at the beginning of Spring Quarter (yippee) and am now about to embark on the dissertation writing (eep!). I’m enamored with my amazing committee, and hope I can make them proud!

Sadly, Renee, Jeremy, and I didn’t get the NEH/Vectors Fellowship, though we’re still quite proud of our project and will most likely try to submit it (or a variation of it) elsewhere in the future. One positive that came out of this is that I am now free to teach a summer session course at UCSB, which I am quite excited about: Literature and Film – Translation, Adaptation, and the Global Media Assemblage. I’m able to combine my interests in media studies, literature, and the “global”. Hopefully the students will be as excited about this as me…

Coming soon…A post on recent presentations at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and AAAS, as well as another to discuss an upcoming presentation at the Comic Arts Conference at Comic Con on Graphic Representations of Otherness.

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