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“Un/Documented” at the 4th Annual Research Slam

Here is the poster I made for the 4th Annual Research Slam, hosted by the UCSB Transcriptions Center, with the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program.

I was thrilled to be involved for the third year in a row, and am pleased enough with my presentation to even share it here. This is coming out of my larger dissertation project, which I am just starting, on temporariness, mobility, and the global (to pick a few keywords) in the contemporary moment. The poster itself has very little information, since the whole point of the Slam is to encourage exchange and interaction with attendees and fellow presenters. This particular poster presents word clouds based on the I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Workers to the U.S., and select passages from Hari Kunzru’s Transmission, which deals with such a single fictionalized “nonimmigrant” subject. Feedback is greatly appreciated, in-person or on-line. (Also, a quick note, the “No”, which should be as big as the “Yes” in the first word cloud for some reason, does not appear, but be assured it should be!)

The poster itself examines two texts: the I-129 Petition for Non-Immigrant Workers, and the novel Transmission by Hari Kunzru (excerpts from the passages dealing specifically with the application and relocation process of the character Arjun Mehta). This poster represents a more visual representation of close-readings that does not make any conclusions.

Enjoy! And feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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